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    Games lags if I don't install GL551J drivers again every day

    Hi all.
    Since I switched to Win10, I have an issue :

    After frexh install, all is running smooth.
    2 Days after, some games are lagging (No man's sky, GTA5, NBA2k20...)
    It took me a week to analyse the problem, and the only way I found to run games smooth again is reinstall NVidia drivers. It works even if I use DDU or just only run the installer again. Then the games run smoth for two days maxmum, and lag again.
    So I reinstall again every time the games lag.
    I tried once to reinstall audio drivers (realtek) instead ov NVidia when it lags, it also solves the problem but no longer than if I reinstall NVidia.
    Did someone had (or have) this issue ? What would be a long term solution?
    Best regards.

    My Config
    Asus ROG GL551J
    i7 4710HQ
    GTX 860M
    8Go RAM

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