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    Exclamation XG279Q - G-Sync randomly lowers framerate even on Windows Desktop

    I noticed this first in a game of Doom Eternal. My average framerate is around 160 and suddenly it dropped to 70-75 and stayed there. I noticed my refreshrate also jumped down to 70-75 which is normal due to G-Sync beeing enabled. But disabling G-Sync Compatible suddenly boosts the fps back to 160 again.
    I thought it had to be a bug with the game. Then today when i was scripting in Powershell in Windows 10 i noticed the blue background was a bit shaky. Checked my monitor and to my surprise the monitor was running 70Hz again while jumping a bit to 75Hz. Turning off G-Sync Compatible and its back to 170Hz which is its native refreshrate.

    Im really baffled by this behaviour. Its very random, maybe it happens once a day. Before i had a PG348Q with a G-Sync module. Never a problem there.
    Any ideas? Is something wrong with the monitor?

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