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    Performance not what I expected (Strix Scar 3)

    I recently purchased a strix scar 3 (G531GW) and I haven't been hitting the frames I expected to. My specs are


    RTX 2070

    16 GB (Single-Channel) memory

    On a lot of review videos I see frames with the same model performing much better, though those models have dual channel. I realise there should be somewhat of a difference in performance but I'm talking like 40-50%. In Apex Legends for example, I hit between 50 - 60 fps on high settings and even on low I get 60-70 frames on average (As reference, the dual channel benchmarks I've seen hit 90+ frames average). At idle my CPU usage is about 8% and RAM usage is at 30% which feels a bit high. Any tips to improve performance?

    Laptop is plugged and in high performance mode. And using the Turbo Mode preset in Armoury Crate.

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