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    Sydneyblue PC Specs
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    MotherboardAsus Z390 Maximus XI HERO
    ProcessorI9 9900k
    Memory (part number)Hyper Predator 16gb 3200
    Graphics Card #12080ti Strix non OC
    MonitorHP OMEN 27 GSYNC 165hz
    CPU CoolerHyper evo 212 Black Edition
    CaseLian LI Landcool 2
    Power SupplyAsus ROG 850 thor
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    Quote Originally Posted by arkantos91 View Post
    I don't know how to make a custom one
    I use MSI afterburner I like using it

    9900k Asus Maximus XI 32GB Hyper X Predator 2080ti Strix non OC Lian Li Lancool 2 White ROG Thor 850

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkantos91 View Post
    Hi, I've bought my Asus Rog Strix 2080TI OC ( ) from Amazon back in July 2019 and so far I didn't have any issues with it.

    However last week I'm starting to notice something wierd happening. When I'm playing games like Apex, PUBG or Warzone sometimes the fans ramp up noticeably for a few seconds making A LOT of noise and then go back to their normal speed while usually gaming (around 60% fan speed iirc). This thing here repeats itself very often while gaming.

    I'm sure it's the gpu because using hw monitor I've seen that the fans hit over 3000 rpm in these few seconds and then go back to their normal speed around 2000/2500 rpm.

    According to my tests with Afterburner, to reach > 3000 rpm fan speed is well over 80% speed!

    Now I'm worried there could be some issues since I've never had this gpu showing this behaviour, ESPECIALLY considering room temperature now it's mild at best and this fan behaviour didn't happen AT ALL in summer where in my room temperatures get +10° C of what it is now.

    In summer my room temperature reaches over 30° C... I wonder what will the fans do then lol?

    Please note I highly doubt it's a dust buildup issue given the card is new (not even 1 year of life) and my case is pretty big and ventilated (Thermaltake X5 with Noctua NF A-20 as intake). Also the case is on my desk so even less dust gets inside.

    Also found this thread here with folks complaining about an issue with striking resemblance to mine which is very concerning

    What do you think? Should I ask for refund like these guys did? I don't want to find myself with a dead gpu in a few months.


    I will try to resolve/replicate this issue with you. Please respond to my PM when you're available to do so.

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    I am having a same or similar problem with my NVIDIA ASUS TURBO-RTX2080TI-11G Card. I do not have the card overclocked, I have 6 Corsair Case Fans, with two on water cooled CPU. I am not pushing my card hard, or asking for it to do much other than play video games like Red Dead Redemption II, Total War II, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, The Division 2 and others and the card regularly goes up to 75 Celsius. Just running plain windows it sits at 35 Celsius.

    The thing that continues to happen is that my computer screen goes black my computer locks up, and all the fans spin up to so loud it sounds like I am about to launch off the deck of an aircraft carrier.

    I have done all recommended trouble shooting including doing a clean install of Windows on a brand new computer purchased in late December 2019. I contacted customer support explained all the problems and they want me to RMA the board back to ASUS so they can fix it and send it back out. After looking at the designs of current cards (post January 2020) they have three fans, why does this one only have 1? Maybe that is one of the problems. This card has a faulty cooling design that can't keep the card cool?

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