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    PC not performing as it should

    Hello asus forum, i am a pc enthusiast that was never interested in overclocking because i was scared for my hardware, until now.

    Why am i writing this here and asking for help?
    Recently, i bought new pc parts for myself and gave away my old pc. I thought that my new pc would be much of an improvement but to this day i experience otherwise . So i will write my old and new pc specs so you know what im writing about.
    My OLD pc: FX-6300, single stick of ram 8gb @1600 MHz, R7-360 and unknow MBO
    My NEW pc: Ryzen 3-1200, single stick of ram 16gb @2133 MHz , Saphire nitroX RX 480 8gb ver. and A320m-k MBO. PSU 600W gold+

    First reason why im so sure this(new) pc is not performing at its best is, because games performed better on my old system, yes.
    Any of the listed games down below perform much better on youtube benchmark videos.
    CSGO- 1080p, normal/high details. Avg of fps with time-to-time frame drops. Also Loading into game takes longer than on my older pc.
    GTA5: 1080p with all high details - 35-40 FPS with textures not loading when driving fast, flickering. Edges of buildings/roads are not as smooth as i expect them to be.
    Rimworld - 1080p. game fps drops when speeding up the game to 3x for 5-10 seconds which i think shouldn't be happening.
    The surge 2; 1080p high details- Very unstable fps although on the you-tube benchmarks show otherwise.
    Leage of Legends: 1080p with medium settings!!! - Barely 70 fps and in teamfights dropping to 45
    Divinity original sin 2: 1080p, high details - same performance as on my old pc.

    Things i think are worth mentioning:
    I have all the latest drivers/versions of windows10, my gpu, latest mbo bios, drivers downloaded from official mbo site etc etc. Everything is up to date.
    My hardware is fine. I stresstested both gpu and cpu for a long time using Cinemabench and furmark and they didnt fail, and achieved great temperatures.
    I also let run memtest86 over the night and it show no errors on my ram. I checked my ssd and hdd for bad sectors and they dont have any.
    I keep my games in hdd; But i kept them on hdd on my older system too and it still performed better than newPC.
    i tweaked my gpu a bit in AMD Radeon software and i did achieve some better results, but its still not good as it supposed to be.

    Things i know and am aware of:
    2x8 is better than 1x16, i know it. But i want to upgrade to 32gb in the future so thats why i went for 1x16. (Old pc was 1x8 too)
    Games perform better on SSD, i know it but anyway, old rig performed better with that same hdd.
    Ryzen 3-1200 is extremely slow as far as Ryzen CPUs go. i know it, but its still better than FX-6300, right?

    Also thing i wanna mention in this section, is game called Kenshi. This is indie game that actually managed to make my GPU 'work'. It achieved over 2000 FPS in main screen and gpu started consuming ~90-100 WATs and this is first time i hear my GPU fans started making some noise (which i was happy about), so i know that this gpu can perform more.

    Now to the overclocking part:
    I am total dummy when it comes to overclocking!

    When i first started my PC, i was getting a lot of random BSODs, 3 months later i get to know through some searching that default DDR4 ram clock speed is 2133MHz, and my ram was set by manufacturer to 2400 MHz. When i downclocked it 2133MHz i stoped getting hose random BSODs.

    I think its my RAM that is slowing my PC and i want to make it work at higher speeds. However A320m-k does not have DCOP or XMP stuff.
    I have some performance bias options that did change some things and here its listed:
    CB15 gentle - Works good for me, im currently using it and it gave me +10 to 20 fps in some games and my system is more stable.
    Aida/geekbench - Didnt change much from 'auto' settings, it gave +2 fps to some games
    CB15 aggressive - With this option my pc wont boot up at all!

    SO, how can i manually overclock my ram to 2400 or more the safest and noob-friendly way?
    Why does CB15 aggressive doesn't work for me.
    Is there anything else beside ram and performance bias tweaking i can do to make my pc work as it should?

    Also, do you think this gpu behavior is normal? This is screenshot-ed while playing csgo.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and tries to help. I hope i didnt miss the forum category.
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