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    New ROGer Array charlie1337 PC Specs
    charlie1337 PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)STRIX GL502V
    MotherboardROG STRIX X570-E Gaming
    ProcessorRyzen 9 3900
    Graphics Card #1NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super
    CPU CoolerROG RYUJIN 360
    Keyboard ROG Claymore
    Mouse ROG Spatha
    Headset A50

    Join Date
    Apr 2020

    SPATHA problems and more


    i life with the pain of an full ROG build and fight with numerous problems with it.

    The newest issue is that the Spatha stops quit frequently for a second, all parts "Aura flash" and sometimes the plugin plug out sound comes up.
    I use it wired since the wireless version is not usable in FPS.
    Any ideas ?!

    Latest ways *recommended by ASUS Support* to to fix ROG stuff were,
    uninstalling Armoury Crate with a special uninstaller i got send by support and reinstalling with the Installer they send me too.

    Uninstall Tool:
    Install Tool:

    This fixed most of the Aura Problems and
    the Problem with the Ryujin no fans responding problem.

    The problem with disappearing devices in the software took more work.
    first recommended try was uninstalling the software(Link) then removing the BIOS battery, boot and reinstall (link), didn't help.
    Only a full new windows install helped for this problem in the end.

    I really hope there are better solutions than a reinstall of windows to that SPATHA problem.
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