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    Z370-F (Back I/O & RGB headers) not working


    Back I/O and rgb strip (headers) are not working on my motherboard, which was working flawlessly fine from a year, a mistake i did was installing Armoury Crate (i didn't know you need to remove aura before installing this as Armoury Crate is a one-stop app includes everything) i did, it was still working fine but i started having issues with Armoury Crate, uninstalled it, turned off my pc and switched off my PSU, when i switched on my PSU and turned on the PC, Back I/O Led and RGB headers didn't work, only RAM RGB and Mouse RGB worked.
    I tried my very best by rechecking connections, clearing CMOS, downgrading BIOS and upgrading it, checked BIOS rgb settings, reinstalled windows 3 times, after fresh install installed only
    Armory Crate as it includes everything, nothing worked for me. Tried each and every possible thing, i am sure this is a software issue due to which RGB Back I/O and RGB headers are not firing up, i have bought everything aura sync compatible, even thou my motherboard is still under warranty but removing all the parts would be a big hassle like water cooler, rams and cable management etc.

    P.S: when switching off PSU until the CPU has no power and then switching it again BACK I/O rgb flashes for a millisecond greyish/bluish which makes me think that it is not dead at all, i have captured it and attaching aswell.

    Kindly help out if possible!!

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