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    large rhythmic spikes in network traffic

    Can you guys make heads or tails of this?

    I have cable internet, a Netgear CM600 modem, and an Asus RT-AC88U router.

    What happens at random times during the day, streaming services will start getting jammed up, if im gaming, i'll start getting packet loss, to the point of dropping, all devices on the entire network are effected when this happens. I have ruled out all of the devices on the network by removing them, and observing this same pattern of traffic with only the router and the modem online together.

    If I reset the modem, the problem goes away, sometimes for a day, sometimes less.

    I think I need a new modem, I ordered one, it's not here yet. I'm curious if anyone has run into anything like this before.

    Lastly, since the behavior exists while my desktop PC, and other clients are physically off of the network, I'm assuming that means that nothing on the network is compromised. Is that a safe assumption? example; if my PC were compromised, and I removed it from the network then the traffic pattern would stop as there would be no destination or malicious exe running

    Below is what it looks like when its acting up:
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