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    Quote Originally Posted by Blake@ASUS View Post
    Hello AgentHunk,
    Thank you for the update.
    Let me know if any.
    is leaving the fans set to automatic better for system use when gaming or on manual %....?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentHunk View Post
    is leaving the fans set to automatic better for system use when gaming or on manual %....?????
    if you're gaming you want to run the fans at the best speed to keep the components as cool as possible not only that if your machine is collecting dust particals low speeds may have issues expelling dust from the machine.

    I would recommend that if you're gaming in a dusty environment to check the ventilation intake for buildup of dust in the intakes normally you will see a buildup of dust building up on the outside give it a wipe down.

    IF this is the case the best thing for you to do is open it up and have a look at the fans if they're caked with dust to give it a wipe with a cotton bud if the build-up is extreme use compressed air to blow it out.

    Strongly recommend to hold the fans in place as you blow air into the fan wells as extreme fan spin from the compressed air can either damage the bearing on the fan or cause undue stress on the plastics if your laptop has multiple fans you can try taping them in place as you clean it out.

    Compressed air if used incorrectly can cause fluid to come out the can if it happens use a small cloth or cotton bud to wipe excess fluid out.

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