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    ROG G551JW not recognizing SSD

    I've been using this laptop for a couple of years now, I've had some troubles here and there, but this one is the one that is irritating me the most to the moment.
    My SSD just magically dissepeared! I don't know when this started to happen but maybe around a year ago because I got enormous boot times since then (120 exact seconds, nothing less, nothing more. I'm not even joking, I get 120 EXACT seconds). I only realized that the SSD was gone 1 week ago when I finally tried to do something about these crazy boot times.

    I did find out that if I go to bios and boot from there, the boot time goes to around 20 seconds, still pretty high taking in consideration that before this I had a 6 second BIOS boot time but I do prefer WAY more a 20 second boot time than a 120 second one haha

    I'm going to build a gaming pc soon so I really didn't want to spend any more money by going to a store and fix this because I'm only going to use this laptop for school now.

    If you guys could help I would be really grateful, thanks :)

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