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    Why is there only one DOCP (XMP) setting? Crosshair VI Extreme motherboard.

    I have a Crosshair VI Extreme motherboard. The support page and advertising for the motherboard lists a bunch of memory speeds it supports. So I go into the BIOS and there's literally only one DOCP option listed and that's 3600MHz. Which I doubt I will even be able to use with my first generation Ryzen CPU.

    DOCP is the AMD version of Intel's XMP memory speeds. Basically stock memory overclocks. This is really weird. There is always a bunch of XMP/DOCP speeds in the BIOS of motherboards.

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    It will only give you what profiles it reads from the SPD on your memory stick(s).

    Any other memory speed, timings and voltage you would need to manually specify.
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