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    G531GW and Issue with Nahimic Service

    Hello All.

    Just bought a new G531GW laptop and noticed that I have an issue with the Nahimic Service, slowly consuming memory (gets worse when apps are opened, any thusfar, especially multimedia apps) or using an internet browser. This seems to happen only on a standard user account in Windows 10, unable to replicate while in my admin account as memory usage stays below 100MB with this service running. On the standard user account, I've let it go as high as 1 GB before I had enough. A restart only repeats the process so the only action I have taken, is disable the service from running. Sonic Suite came pre-loaded. I have done nothing else to the laptop except Windows updates, installing Razr Synapse and MBAM and creating a standard user account. Not too experienced with driver updates so I have not touched those yet. Any suggestions on a possible route to fix before I dive headlong into this? Seems like this service/Sonic, has been an issue for awhile now..

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    Check your ASUS Download Center for your model. There is an update for the Nahimic Component Driver:
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