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    ROG audio device disappears while away from PC

    I have a multi-machine setup here and use the audio-out on the monitor to drive my speakers so I get audio from the active machine. Most of the time this works great.

    However, I keep finding that the ROG PG348Q Audio device has disappeared when I return to my PC. This only seems to happen on one of my machines. Neither PC hibernates, but the screen is set to lock and shut down after a while and I usually switch the monitor off at night.

    If I open device manager and select "Action/Scan for Hardware Changes" the device shows up again. Weird. Any ideas what's up?

    My machine has Windows 10 1909 installed. My other machine which does not have the same issue is on 1809, which could possibly be relevant. I have the latest ROG driver.

    Also maybe relevant - I often remote desktop to the machine with the problem, but I haven't determined that this is the cause. [Yeah it's right next to me and connected to the same monitor, but switching inputs on this monitor is a drag I see there's another thread about that one!]

    I should also mention that the problem-machine is connected via DisplayPort. The other machine is using HDMI.
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