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    Angry Call of Duty Zephyrus Frame drop issues

    Hello all

    I'm new to this forum and have been dealing with a frustratingly lame issue. I have a Zephyrus GU502GV with an Intel 9750h, RTX 2060 6GB, and 16 gigs of single channel ram.

    Like even one else I know I've been playing a **** load of Call of Duty since the quarantine began. At first I just had the free version of Warzone, and it ran at like 70-80 frames with somewhat conservative settings. Cod goes on sale, I buy it, annnnnd it runs terribly. 30-40 frames all day. I look in task manager and armory crate. Very high cpu usage 85-100 percent and its running really hot (95 degrees hot). I troubleshot it by dusting out the fans, turning off all the apps that record game play, and maxing out the settings cause gpu usage was like 30 percent. BAM! the game looks great and runs consistently at 60 frames (limited), I'm happy.

    Now its running poorly again, and idk why. I didn't mess with anything really, I updated my drivers, I let GeForce "optimize" it which didn't change much, in fact it turned the settings down a little, and I installed software for some logitech headphones I was trying out, but I already uninstalled that.

    The game is also just playing very choppy and ****ty, like its a CPU bottleneck. Is my CPU lame? is this an issue anybody else has?

    I'm frustrated.

    I just want my silky smooth PC gaming.

    Please help me I'm stupid

    Thank you

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