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Thread: OC for i9 9900k

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    OC for i9 9900k

    Hey I bought a new system and I am not a pro at OC my system is

    i9 9900k with a STRIX Z390E
    RTX 2080 super
    16GB 3200 Mhz
    PSU 750 watts

    I followed a totorial witch made me set LLC on 5 and 140 percent of somthing that has to do with the power the CPU draws. At the moment I have a stable OC @ 5.1GHZ core voltage 1.30v with max temps of 80-83 degrees in Cinebench R20. I can get a stable OC at 5.2 GHZ at 1.37v with max temps in cinebench around 87. I have CPU cache at 46

    I read some people saying safe voltage is 1.35 others 1.40, so I take 1.35 I guess? Can I keep the 140 percent power draw 24/7? Also should I keep it on llc5 or switch to 6? I mean is 6 maybe even more stable then 5 we never know. Last question is it normal if I oc my GPU RTX 2080 Super and my CPU to 5.1 GHz that I only gain 6 fps in game but have a lower min FPS and hight AVG fps?


    Edit: I tried to set level 6 instead of 5 but everything is way hotter I hit 91 degrees at 5.2 1.34v and 82 at 1.30v for 5.1GHz, so I am confused now level 6 makes my system more stable or is it useless for me because it only makes things hotter? Set it again on level 5 stable oc @ 5.1 and 1.30v

    So the system is stable Under R20 cinebench and 4-6 hours gaming on GTA V and Warzone. Now I am confused I installed R15 cinebench and it keeps on crashing I had to bump to Level 6 llc and 1.32v to get it stable so 0.3v more from R20 to R15
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