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    Need for Redundancy

    Quote Originally Posted by dyanikoglu View Post
    Latest two driver versions shared here are broken as hell, Windows completely stops giving sound output from stereo jack, and OP loves removing old driver versions and not sharing them again even if people ask for them.

    I don't recommend anyone to use those drivers until OP starts providing links for previous versions (he's also removing them from even if you somehow have links for old versions, lmao), if you don't want your audio driver get messed up.
    Sorry to hear/read that. The best practices I follow when it comes to driver updates is keep backups of the last two working drivers before the update so that I can rollback in the event that driver causes issues. This is the is not just for this driver, but all driver/software updates which I do manually, while for software and drivers which automatically update, have periodic system backups automatically scheduled (where system imaging is done) so that you can roll back to a state before the update was done. I would recommend you start doing that, if possible as I can imagine how much it sucks as you stated earlier.

    @Mokichu, thanks again for the driver, seems to work well as usual on my end.

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