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    Quote Originally Posted by MoKiChU View Post
    Hi (continue not to say hi/hello and I will no longer respond to the person who does not say hello, i'm fed up with this lack of politeness, I am not at your service),

    If you are not satisfied with what I offer, I suggest you use the drivers from your product support page instead use what I offer.
    I try not to the clog up threads, but if I am going to post, I start by thanking you Mokichu. Thank you!

    I think you should add this disclaimer at the top of all of your driver threads:

    These drivers are NOT SUPPORTED on your motherboard. On your motherboard page at Asus website, you will find drives that have been thoroughly vetted by the fine folks at Asus and they work perfectly fine. Use these drivers at your own risk and always create a restore point or a system image before installing. If you don't know how to create a restore point, then you are NOT qualified to use these drivers. Just use the download found on your motherboard page.

    I spend a lot of time monitoring 3rd party vendors for these driver updates and then packaging them into a simple installer. These are not "my' drivers and I have no idea if they'll work for you or not.

    Furthermore, the Asus moderators of this forum are doing all of us tech-savvy folks a huge favor by allowing me to post my threads here. Unqualified users who complain about issues w/these unsupported drivers will just ruin it for everyone. If you have any issue, just restore your Restore Point. If you didn't create a Restore Point, then you shouldn't be downloading anything I post or even be here at all.

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