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    So i scrupulously followed the indicated steps for cleaning and installing Realtek driver on a Maximus XII Extreme with Windows 2004. I had to use the second to last version because the most recent one causes Sonic Studio 3 to crash when I move the volume slide. I've noticed a strange fact: when I connect my headphones to the front audio jack they are not shown as headphones but as speakers. Is this normal? If I recall correctly WIndows should distinguish between the two. Could this cause a reduction of the overall volume of the headphones? They seem a bit weaker than with my previous system.
    EDIT Never mind I was dumb, I had to enable an advanced setting to allow the two devices to play different audio streams simultaneously in order to separate them. Still, Sonic Studio sometimes crashes randomly, but it could well be my overclock that isn't perfectly stable, so I'll check that in these days.
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