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    Hi MoKiChU,

    First of all thanks for all your hard work! I wanted to confirm I installed the correct drivers: I have an Asus TUF 505DT which came with DTS Headphone X V.1 per-installed so I went with the TUF headphone X v.1 motherboard package last week. I have the 6.0.8984.1 version installed right now.

    My main problem is that, when I still had my original Realtek driver, the loudness equalization toggle disappeared some time ago from the Realtek Audio Console for no apparent reason .Oddly enough when I would reinstall the Realtek driver the toggle would be there but disappear again on a restart. Your newer driver packages were my final hope but, unfortunately, the LE toggle is still missing even though everything installed fine. I think DTS Headphone X is the ultimate culprit but I don't get why it worked just fine for 6 months. The DTS Audio app has some extra options when I don't have my headphones plugged in but when they are the options are very limited (primarily to headphone types) and the LE toggle is still missing from the Realtek Audio Console. If you or anyone else have any ideas I would really appreciate it.I'll check out your current updated drivers and do a clean install on them with the full cleanup process and hope for the best.

    Thanks again!

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