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    Quote Originally Posted by MoKiChU View Post
    Hi everyone,

    The Third Party DTSX Ultra/DTS SU Extension Driver have been updated.

    Thread, post & drivers package updated.

    Thanks @MoKiChU

    Can you or someone else help me with a quick question please?

    Is this normal? I mean, Audio drivers in Device Manager under Audio inputs and outputs and also under Sound, video and game controllers?

    Audio inputs and outputs shows Microsoft Drivers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sound, video and game controllers Shows the newest Realtek drivers

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2020-10-11_14-33-08.png 
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    Last but not least the other question I have is:

    I have a Razer Leviathan 5.1 Soundbar which I'm using since I bought it connected through an Optical Cable. Because of a small sound delay (e.g. when I click on any file that produces a sound or start playing an mp3 file there is a very small annoying delay until I hear the sound/music which is probably less than 1 sec but still annoying) I start researching what could be the cause of the issue and I then noticed that in my Device Manager besides the Realtek Audio Driver (under Sound Video and Game Controllers) I also have a Realtek Digital Output driver under Audio Inputs and Outputs. While the Realtek Audio Drivers shows the latest version (6.0.9013.1 WHQL) installed, the Realtek Digital Output shows the version 10.0.18362.1 provided by Microsoft from 2019. I tried to change from Optical to Aux and while the delay isn't happening anymore another issue shows up which is when I turn off my computer the Razer Leviathan starts making a humming noise which will end if I turn off the Razer (Already tried to change the Outlet where the Razer is plugged without success).

    My question is what would be the general recommendation to connect my Razer Leviathan? Optical, Aux, or Bluetooth which is also a possibility?

    Thanks in Advance,
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