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    Bundled DDR5 modules not working with Strix Z690-F

    I got a Rog Strix Z690-F that Asus (in Japan) is bundling with 2x16 GB Samsung DDR5-4800. These Samsung DDR5 modules (M323R2GA3BB0-CQKODRAM) are listed as validated by Asus for their Z690 boards.

    (1) My Strix Z690- F will not boot with the modules in any of the A sockets. The recommended A2/B2 combination isn't working as well. I claimed the RAM as faulty, the vendor kindly changed the RAM. However, the new modules as well do not work in sockets A1/A2. The latest, unofficial, Bios "08" does not change anything in this regard.

    (2) I found out that the board is only working with the modules in either of the B sockets.

    (3) CPU-Z reads the JEDEC value for the RAM correctly as 4800MHz, but the Z690-F Bios clocks it down to 4000MHz by default (when left on auto). I need to manually change the frequency.

    (4) Running the RAM in the B sockets, I get these 4800 rated modules up to 5400 MHz. It seems the modules are ok.

    Any idea how I can make it work in the recommended combination in sockets A2/B2, or why the board would not boot with the modules in any of the A sockets?
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