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    Quote Originally Posted by rosefire View Post

    see here:

    see the OLED display (shows ROG in the picture) that sits on the part next to the IO shield ...
    Thanks, that explains it. Any idea what's the OLED header on the MB for? There's no corresponding cable or an indication of its purpose

    I wish ASUS would put more effort into their manuals. Many of the settings, especially overclocking configuration and fan settings, are not described in my R4BE 's manual.

    As for the board being used, all the films are in place , the bags are not wrinkled from handling, there are no fingerprints on anything, The only thing that is suspicious is that the films have steaks, but the same streaks were present on all three boards I've received. It is possible that Amazon wipes them off replacing fingerprints with steaks in the soft plastic films.

    My worry about buying a return is a board returned for poor performance or flakiness. I have until May 31 to return the board, which gives me a lot of time to evaluate. I'm hoping to overclock a i9-10940x to 5GHz or more with a custom water loop, and clock four sticks/32GB of G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 4266 at the rated speed. I'm suspecting that a 2133 clock rate will be hard for the CPU's memory controller to achieve, but I was successful at getting quad 2666 to run 24/7 on my R4BE with a '4930.

    The hard part is knowing what a good CPU or memory overclock is.

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    Over several generations of different boards this question often comes up. Two RVIEE boards with no bag, not sealed but protective film. RVIE has nothing on it period. On the RVIEE there is an anti static sheet under the MOBO and just the plastic cover over the top. Nothing appeared tampered with and all the goodies underneath all factory sealed. This is just how ASUS ships them.*

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