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    Centurion vs Theta

    Hi all,

    So I currently own the Centurion 7.1 headset, but I've noticed there's a new player on the market Theta 7.1, are there any differences or is it just the model replacement? Should I start looking after it or ignore for now and keep Centurion?


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    I'm also wondering about this. I got my centurion a month ago and I must admit I didn't really do much research on it. I assumed it was RGB and was a bit disappointed to find it was only 2 modes of red. I love the way they sound though and I've noticed the they are still at the premium price point compared to the new line up. Either way, I want my RGB to play together but I also want the most premium option. Bonus points if all the audio options are controlled through armory crate, trying to have as few "extra" programs installed as possible.

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    Just got my centurion as a birthday gift. I am really liking the sound. Borderlands GOTY Enhanced sounds amazing. Each sniper shot echos throughout like thunder. I believe the Theta 7.1 works with the armory crate. Since its got Aura you will be able to change RGB settings there. Theta 7.1 has 4 drivers in each ear with a "virtual bass" driver where as the Centurion has 5 drives with a dedicated subwoofer drive. Reminds me of the original Gladius how it only has red LEDs and the Gladius II has RGB and armory crate support.

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    I have the Theta 7.1, and I'm kind of divided. The audio and build quality is great. The cups are really large, which makes them comfortable to wear, but also bulky when transporting.
    My issues are the software and volume.
    The volume is way to low, when set to max it's about half of what I'd expected. I have tried audio boosters, but that distorts the quality. I hope it will be resolved in the next firmware update.
    The only thing that Armoury Crate can control on the Theta is the lighting, and it doesn't do it well, so I reverted to the regular Armoury. That goes for the Gladius II i have, as well. I hope the Armoury Crate can take over all the function of Armoury i the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martines91 View Post
    Hi all,

    So I currently own the Centurion 7.1 headset, but I've noticed there's a new player on the market Theta 7.1, are there any differences or is it just the model replacement? Should I start looking after it or ignore for now and keep Centurion?

    I bought a Theta last month after discovering it. I was initially set on the Centurion but the Theta seems like it is the direct successor to it and it was slightly cheaper where i am
    The differences i have come across when comparing both:
    1) Theta is RGB (most obvious difference)
    2) No ugly base station for the Theta, its a straight USB connection to the PC (type C too, but a type A adapter is provided)
    3) Direct node cancellation on the mic itself, the centurion used its base station for noise cancelling, and according to most of the reviews ive seen, it sucks
    4) Most importantly: LARGER DRIVERS. By implementing a virtual subwoofer, the drivers in the Theta are larger, leading to better sound quality. The rear drivers are now 50% larger at 30mm, compared to 20mm on the centurion

    Hope that helps!

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