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    GA35DX upgrade RAM to Corsair Vengeance Pro 32gbx4 3200hx - ISSUE

    Hi all,

    First time poster and new to ROG gear. I purchased the new GA35DX Ryzen 3950 with x570-f motherboard. Decided to bump the ram up from 32gb at 3200 to 128 at same and went with Vengeance Pro RGB as title implies. The system will boot with RAM installed but won't clock above 2666hz on the RAM on auto. If I enable the DOCP profile the PC won't boot. If I try to set it manually to 3200 I can but timings are too high and I am unable to modify them. Also I don't seen any option in the BIOS to change DRAM Voltage.

    Hoping someone here can help.
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