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    GA35DX CPU Cooling Unit LED Issue


    *I'm a recent addition to the ROG family and have a technical issue I'm hoping the community will be able to assist me with. I purchased a GA35DX and the CPU cooling unit LED is wired weird. I get red when I set it to green and green when I set it to red, nothing if I set aurasync to blue so I'm guessing its a jumper somewhere placed incorrectly or a setting I'd rather not mess with without instructions in the BIOS. Phone support wasn't very helpful, they wanted me to send the new PC to them for up to a month and this is its only issue. Also of note its the second of the same model number with the same issue, the first was returned at request of seller thinking it was just a qc issue.

    *Looking forward to talking with the forum about this and hopefully getting some help.

    After that on to the fun stuff.

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