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    Lack of Bios Updates for Asus ROG Motherboard and AURA issues?

    I was going to call Asus support about this but due to the "human Malware" going around, they've closed their phone support which I prefer to talk to a human being than using their very unhelpful chat support. Over the last few months, I have noticed a lack of Bio updates for my ROG Strix X470-F GAMING motherboard. The last bios they released, 5406, rendered my board completely unbootable past post. And I have to revert to version 5007. I have gone to look now and they still haven't pushed a new bios update and with all the Windows Updates, people I have talked too have said it's good to keep the bios updates so my Ryzen 2700 can keep working well with Windows 10. I am currently running 1903.

    Also, On top of the lack of bios updates, Asus AURA isn't talking to Corsair iCUE Even with the plugin provided to iCUE and even though I have Asus Armory Crate installed. It was working, and suddenly one day, stopped working last night. I don't know if this is the Windows version I am running if I need to reinstall windows altogether, or what the deal is. If anyone could please provide me with information on both things mentioned here I would really appreciate it.

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