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    Help With ROG Zenith II Extreme

    I’m having a problem with the 10Gb Ethernet adapter on my Zenith II Extreme. (No problems with the 1Gb Ethernet adapter which is what I’ve been using since I built the PC.)

    If I move the ethernet cable from the 1Gb port on the Z2E to the 10Gb port this is what happens:

    My computer continues to boot normally. Any applications that are not internet based (such as Word, Excel, photo editor) work normally. Some applications that do access the internet also work normally. For example, updating my anti-malware programs works normally. I am able to access other PCs on my LAN. BUT…

    When I use a browser (Chrome or Edge) to go to any website I get a blue screen of death (“your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”). Actually, the web page does begin to load but within 1 second the BSOD appears.

    If I move the ethernet cable back to the 1Gb port and restart the PC everything is normal again.

    The 1GB port is Intel I211. The 10Gb port is Aquantia AQC107 (made by Marvell). For whatever it’s worth, the driver for the AQC107 is not on the Asus website. I had to go to the Marvell/Aquantia website to get it. A new driver was released today but did not fix this problem.

    Any clues or suggestions appreciated!

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