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    G703gx GPU Hardware problem HELP PLEASE

    Hello and greetings to all.

    First i hope you guys are well and sound in this time of COVID-19 stuff ^^

    So my problem is the following, i will write in points so it can be easier with anyone who knows a fix to help me

    1) I own a gaming laptop with a model Asus Rog G703gx
    2) I had the laptop for almost 6 months now and everything was great
    3) Today i woke up and found the laptop on a black screen, and fan noises were sky rocketing (just like when GPU goes extreme gaming mode)
    4) I tried to restart the laptop thinking something bugged, but same result BLACK SCREEN AGAIN
    5) after full diagnosis i did the following
    6) Laptop was turning on normally, and it was on all the time but i couldnt see anything (BLACK SCREEN), so i typed my pass and logged in to windows blindly
    7) THANK GOD i had teamviewr installed and from my mobile, i was able to access the laptop and everything was working
    8) i accessed armoury crate, and switched the graphic into Optimus ( i think thats the stock Intel GPU )
    9) i restart the PC for the graphic switch, and everything was good again
    10) I tried to switch to Discrete again (RTX 2080) but black screen again, so i did the above and swtiched back to Optimus (Intel)
    11) i went to Nvidia and downloaded the perfect driver for my laptop but it gave me the following error

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So now i suspect that there is a hardware malfunction with the GPU, but dont know if anyone can help or suggest solutions to fix

    Note: dont know if this helps, even when i plug an HDMI cable to an external monitor, it does not respond to either Discrete or Optimus, but before all this it was working perfectly ok

    Note: i never OverClocked anything, or did anything weird, just simple stock as the way i bought it, i just normally game on it

    Just a side question, could this be a MOBO problem ? i mean even though everything else is working perfectly ok ?

    Help and suggestions are highly appreciated ^^

    Thank you again

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    Contact ASUS and request a RMA and return your laptop for repair/replacement.

    Have ASUS restore your OS drive to original configuration.

    When your laptop has been returned, don't format your OS drive again.

    Good Luck
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    Hello Sassoos,
    May I have you BIOS and windows version?
    Was there any update or modification before the issue?
    I will double check with our technical suppor.
    If you have decided to send to service, please let me know the RMA number through PM.
    Thank you.

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