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    Quote Originally Posted by arcanexvi View Post
    I doubt that we'll see it. AMD doesn't really want the vendors to support it as it's creating too much confusion as to what's supported and what's not when you start marrying different chipsets to the same processor. It's great for the enthusiast community who upgrades individual components periodically to keep up with the times but your average consumer upgrades everything holistically at the same time and that's what they're catering to. This is why Intel has always been bad about backwards compatibility as they want a clean upgrade path where you use this processor, you get these features. End of story. I think AMD is starting to realize there is a middle ground to be had but supporting things across what will be 4 chipsets when that series launches is going to be very difficult and stressful for retailers and consumers with varying support for features.
    The motherboard box for B450/X470 will indicate if the BIOS is already able to support Ryzen 3000 desktop chips. It wouldn't be hard to limit support to the few motherboards with flashback capability. If you've ever tried to flash a BIOS to a previous version and got the message that you can't for compatibility reasons, but flashback works, then you would see how making flashback be required to support the new generation would be a way to protect customers from upgrading to a BIOS that won't work for them. Asus could even have the BIOS flash feature check your current BIOS and processor, then offer the proper BIOS version that will act as a bridge from current to the new one. If you are on first generation and want support for the fourth gen, pick THIS BIOS, if on second gen and you want fourth, pick THIS one(with support for current and fourth). If you are on first and want support for third, pick THIS one. A very simple program or even on the web page to let you pick the proper BIOS to download could be set up for anyone with web development experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Targonis View Post
    A very simple program or even on the web page to let you pick the proper BIOS to download could be set up for anyone with web development experience.
    Yeah, this would be nice. Just download the BIOS utility which would autodetect the current CPU, asks you which additional CPU generations you want to support and builds a BIOS with exactly those components. The problem is that the risk is still quite high, and unless the board maker has enough resources to validate every single combination on every single board (and every revision of those boards!) it will create some bricked boards. The BIOS flashback is great because it allows the user to unbrick a board.

    I am thankful to AMD for advancing the technology and setting a new standard!

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    Looks like there will still be no Zen 3 love for X370 though.
    That is an real shame as the CH6 and C6E are decent boards.

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    I had high hopes for the X370 chipset being supported. It seems like that was hinted (if not outright stated) that the X370 would be able to handle the next gen ZEN.
    Seeing that EKWB now has full cover MB and chipset blocks for the X570 boards then I'm ready for to move up to the 4000 series. I hope it doesn't suck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Targonis View Post
    With BIOS flashback support, it's strange that they would be all that worried about it. Make the new BIOS version available for flashback only, and that will limit it to those who actually know what they are doing, and probably with the ability to switch back if things go wrong.
    The flash for the Ryzen 4000 series requires low level format of the bios which I think is why they are saying it is a one way trip for 400 series boards. Although x470 has same rom as x570 so maybe it will be able to be normal flash.
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    So it appears AMD is going to support the 400 series motherboards but not 300. That sucks. There's no reason they can't support 300 series boards. I was going to get a Zen 3 CPU but I guess now I won't be. My Crosshair VI Extreme has a 128mb BIOS I think.

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