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    Question What Are My Repair/Replacement Options For A Laptop Without A Screen (Asus N550JX)?

    Pictures -

    The laptop's screen and housing are completely removed from the laptop, so it only has the keyboard. It is just the keyboard and touchpad with the screen completely missing. The hookups/wires for the original screen are still there. Works fine when plugged into an external monitor. I have purchased two portable screens that work fine with it, but would like to restore the original screen.

    Here are my options:

    Cost ($80-$200) Buying the parts and repairing myself. From what I know so far, even though the laptop is touch, I can get by with the purchase of just the LCD cover and LCD Screen ( The only main issue I am having so far is that finding the LCD cover seems to be a tossup. Going by model number, I keep getting options for a black ROG one. I asked a rep about this, and they pointed me to a different model (JV). No idea about that one. If this is correct, please let me know. I can always build on the extra pieces later. (As a side note, what in the heck is a Display module? it is 4x as much as the LCD Screen but looks like the same thing)

    Extras: Is there a 3d printing place I can contact to make a clip on cover for the exposed part for where the monitor used to be? That way it looks like a smart keyboard rather than a broken laptop with no screen if I can't repair it. What would be the cost and what information would they need to complete the project? Thanks.

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