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    Restart Option doesn't work. PC won't restart


    I have an issue right now with my PC. I encountered this issue when I updated my BIOS to the B patch. For some reason the Restart in windows doesn't work. When I do that the just shuts down and seems that in hibernate mode or sleep and when i press the power button it won't boot. The only way to fix it is to cut off all power sources then boot. Normal shut down and Power on works. This issue also happens if I make any changes in the BIOS and chose Save and Exit because it triggers the system to restart. I also recently notice that in Device Manager, under Other Devices>PCIe devices there is a pcie device which driver is not installed correctly. I only have a GPU and an nvme installed. anyone experience this issue or can help? I find it really hard to reach Asus support team to report this issue.

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