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    Managed to get RGB working properly again, thanks to pbryan's post.
    Animations on my Mobo and Addressable strips now continue to play when my monitors turn off.
    This is on a Z390 E-Gaming mobo with Windows 10 (using Armoury Crate, not the legacy standalone Aura Sync software).


    1. Find the official "Aura Sync Utility Download" page.
    2. Under Choose A Version, select Version 1.07.79 and download it (but don't install anything yet).
    3. Go to Apps & Features in Windows.
    4. Find and Uninstall AURA Service (Don't uninstall any other AURA/ARMOURY CRATE software).
    5. Extract the Zip file you downloaded earlier.
    6. Navigate to: Lighting_Control_1.07.79\LightingService\
    7. Run AuraServiceSetup.exe
    8. Once installed, RGB animations should function as it used to.

    I'm not sure how permanent this is. Armoury Crate might just "update" and break it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrAgapiGC View Post
    do not sent it. fix of the S3/S4 will get here during the week. is a old issue but we manage these elseehere. fix is coming on 3.0

    Are there any updates on timeframe for this fix?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesseinsf View Post
    If all your RGB lighting is a static color, then all lighting RGB will turn off when the monitor sleeps. If you have color cycling on then RGB pauses animations when the monitor sleeps. This is by design.
    To clarify, is this going to be fixed in a patch? The earlier post indicated this was an S3/S4 problem and would be fixed but this quote appears to imply that we won't have the ability to leave the LEDs on with my monitors off.

    This is 100% not the way the system worked for the first 2 years I ran it. I can't even see my case LEDs when I'm at the computer. I like the look when the room is dark with the monitors off.

    For what it's worth, my Corsair H150i RGB works great even after the monitors go off. It's only the ASUS RGB components (Mother board and GTX 1080 STRIX) that are failing.

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    +1 that this happens on yet another instance. Updated BIOS to 1205 on my X399, fresh win10 install and started using Armoury Crate. I fixed some lingering issues but have managed to "install" some new problems. Just wish Aura lighting software was remotely close to capabilities that our cool machines can handle.

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    So today I noticed an update to Armoury Crate and did the update. When the monitor goes to sleep, all the RGB remain ON. Maybe ASUS acknowledged this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorePower View Post
    So today I noticed an update to Armoury Crate and did the update. When the monitor goes to sleep, all the RGB remain ON. Maybe ASUS acknowledged this.
    Does anyone know how I can reverse this and have my external RGB lights turn off when my screen goes to sleep? If my screen is off I'm not in the room and don't need the room lit up by RGBs. I can't find any setting.

    If my system goes to sleep they shut off, but I usually just let me screens sleep when I'm, say, at lunch.

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