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    Asus Strix B450-E nvme raid issue


    i have an odd issue where my M.2 drivers to not appear in raidexpert in windows, and in device manager the two drives appear individually, and not as a raid array like my 4x sata drives (that are in raid)

    The boot drive is GPT UEFI, so that i have the raidexpert options available in bios.

    I can set up the raid in bios, but it does not carry through to windows as described above.

    the AMD CBS menu is greyed out in bios, but the raid expert menu is there, so go figure.

    both NVME and SATA is set as raid in sata configuration under chiptset.

    I've installed the sata raid drivers initially, when setting up the sata raid (used for backup of my nvme content before attempting the raid in the first place)

    the current storage config is:

    4x sata ssds in raid
    2x m.2 nvme supposed to be in raid
    another m.2 nvme in pci-express 3.0 x4 adapter with OS

    any ideas?

    i did not do any screenshots when i first attempted this, but if needed, i can redo it all for documentation and clarification.

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