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    Exclamation Intel i5 9600KF turbo boost not working!

    i have ASUS Z390 Gaming-i, and i5 9600KF, however turbo boost is not working. I read it allows only sometimes in real world usage to go above 4300 to 4600. However i had open HWinfo and it didn't go above 4500 at all. Not even sure if during 3d mark test it went above 4300. I checked BIOS and turbo is on by default. I looked into manual and googled a bit and didn't find anything useful. And i don't know about any other setting, which could hinder this. I also used Ultimate Power performance profile, with disabled idle saver for maximum performance. However i have enabled c states in bios by default. Because from description, it says it will save power, only if cpu is not in high c states like c0. So there should be no problem when cpu is at c0 state constantly. But i can save power when i am in windows doing nothing. Have no idea why turbo isn't working... I don't want to overclock to not void my warranty. But i have powerful GPU,i could use of turbo.

    EDIT, what i tried:
    - I set power management to performance mode
    - disabled speed step
    - disabled speed shift
    - disabled tcc offset time window
    - disabled c states

    - disable multi core core enhancement and set one core to 4600, because i read you have to do that - didn't work, same with multi core enhacement on enabled, or auto

    Temps are low 50-55 on 100% load...

    I monitor it with HWinfo, when playing.
    Still cpu runs only on 4300 mhz, doesn't go to 4600 ever...

    Please how do i make turbo work ? Thanks for answer !

    According to intel, it is working. But only at 4300, it never reaches its maximum potential - 4600. Could you advise me on settings so turbo reaches 4600 mhz. Thanks very much!

    EDIT: so i found 4600 is probably only when 1 core is active so it is useless. Intel don't specify, that so their processors look they can get up to 4600... But they are limited on 4300.
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