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    GN: Asus Least On Board with AMD's Decision to Reverse Course on Zen 3 Support

    Clip starts around 28:18 into the video:

    AMD before reversing course on their original decision to not support Zen 3 on B450 and X470 platforms it sounds like they first reached out to board partners to survey their thoughts. Apparently when AMD did this, "Asus was the least on board" with providing Zen 3 support while MSI pushed AMD the hardest.

    Even with AMD's decision to reverse course this only means that AMD will develop the code that will enable Zen 3 support on these older platforms, it is still up to the board partners to implement the code into Bioses for their motherboards. What this means is that board partners may choose not implement the code for their boards or only provide support initially for only one or two iterations of the AGESA code AMD provides board partners.

    For marketing it is likely that Asus will provide at least one bios to check a box that their motherboards "support" Ryzen 4000 CPUs. However given Asus's recent track record with lackluster bios support for X470 and even X570 boards we should not expect serious Bios support.

    Thoughts on this?
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    Never had issue getting ASUS to address real problem in BIOS and taken about one week (less than 3 days, once I get to correct people)

    Still not sure what is needed on asus boards.

    This is the change log for AGESA 1005

    *Rollup of 1004a, ab, abb, abba patches into a single release
    *Fixed a PCIe® lane configuration issue on the AMD Ryzen™ 3 PRO 2100GE
    *Resolved an intermittent virtual memory error with Realtek onboard LAN
    *Improved POST with select Micron DDR4-3200 memory ICs
    *Optimized PCIe® firmware to improve stability and interoperability

    Which of these are issues with the ASUS bios ?

    In regards to Gamer Nexus video series, I agree with the sentiment expressed about Asus and accept it is not an official response. But to be blunt I honestly think, the first line in the sand AMD drew was best option going forward for good user experience. I accept my knowledge exceeds the average and would not expect one way low level bios operations to be conducted by typical users or provide good user experiences.

    Still here we are, at least b350 and x370 are out, which leads to this being possibly good PR by AMD. Let's draw sand forward of where it needs to be, let see how the community fire up and if we have too, draw it where it really must be but now blame of bad user experiences can be spread.

    I would take the advice of using 500 series chipset with Ryzen 4000 series and avoid the mess I think it might be or might be wrong. We will see what future holds when it comes.
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    They're both acting in their own self interest. ASUS knows it's going to be a headache so they don't want to deal with it. MSI made promises it couldn't keep and overextended on the 400 series so it was desperate to have AMD extend support. No real surprises there.

    I say that as someone who has an MSI x470 board. I will be happy to have the option but I'm not sure if I'm going to take the one-way trip. I guess it will depend how long until there's a compelling feature requiring a new board. Right now nothing interests me but that could change.
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    Can't say I'm surprised.

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    Someone on Reddit emailed Asus about it and got the answer they will only support B550/X570.

    Anyway, if I'm forced to buy a B550 to use Zen 3 it certainly will not be a Asus board. However, if they show good will and do release these bioses they are not worse than anyone else and worthy of a consideration IF I decide to go the B550-route.
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