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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilner View Post
    from my testing 0607 not limits io and sa voltage at 1.05 no matter what you set yet the older bios would drive these past 1.6v auto also somthing changd with vcore vault on 0607 im thinking of going back to 0607 as i can set vcore at 1.47 bios yet in windows shows 1.44 cpuz and my multimeter shows 1.48

    0606 shows same vcore in bios as cpuz an multimeter was 0.03v higher

    this issue now is the volts are a ta lower on the vcore so you have to bump it up another +5 in the bios for stability and when pushing hard that +5 makes you tip over the edge on heat

    im havng an ssue with the rng ratio and my ram if i let ram default an just oc i can have high ring ratio no errors but as soon as i oc my ram i start gettng ring error (cache)

    not sure what is going on also my vdroop is really bad on level 5 if im set at 1.47 i drop to 1.325 on load

    lvl 8 holds vcore perfect and shows stabale voltage on the multimeter but im not sure if its spiking high due to all th miss information around llc
    Are you using translation software to write this post? Because some things you wrote I don't understand, or they don't make sense. "Vault"? What does "vault" mean?

    "going back to 0607" <--what? Did you mean "going back to 0606"? Please check your posts for accuracy. This stuff is confusing to read.

    Also the very first sentence you wrote makes no sense either. "0607 not limits io/sa to 1.05v, yet the older bios sets this at 1.6v?" What do you mean "Not limits"? Sounds like you're saying the same exact thing. Maybe you meant "0607 limits IO/SA to 1.05v on auto, but 0606 sets it as high as 1.6v, if set on auto?"

    Also, Level 5 LLC: 1.47v Bios-->1.325v load--this is proper behavior. Seen this on all bioses.

    Bios: 606 shows same vcore in BIOS as CPU-Z? This should not happen, unless you are using LLC8. CPU-Z Vcore should always be lower than bios vcore, even on LLC7 it may be about 11-12mv lower (example: 1.470v-->1.459v).

    And you should never use LLC8. LLC8 only for testing, and only at 1.25v or lower Bios set voltage.

    "0606 shows same vcore in bios as cpuz an multimeter was 0.03v higher " <--what LLC?? Again, same vcore in BIOS and windows idle CPU-Z should never happen, except at LLC8.

    Overclocking RAM stresses the IMC. Higher ring ratio when overclocking RAM will require more CPU Vcore, or higher VCCIO/VCCSA. Maybe both. This is normal behavior. Higher ring ratio will give more memory bandwidth (read, write, copy, maybe latency too). It is all related.
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