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Thread: Argb ports

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    Argb ports

    So i got a hero xiii mobo and i connected 4 phanteks argb strips to one argb port and then i connected another phantek Argb led strip to the second port on the motherboard. Now i got 1 argb port left on the motherboad. Since i hears you add up to 4 units on 1 port only. So i was wondering about the riing quad fans that uses a sync controller box that needs 1 argb port for 4 fans to work with asus armoury. And i got 7 fans, so i need 2 of these synch boxes.

    Now i got a argb splitter cable that i can chain from the phantek argb led strip since that only uses 1/4 argb right ? So i still got room for 3 more argb units.
    So i can connect 3 fans to that synch box and the 4 fans to the other free argb port on the mobo right ?

    A bit confusing maybe..but can i still use more argb units splitting one port that only uses 1/4 argb ??

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