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Thread: Asus Z490 stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkentyne View Post
    Definitely update. This is important especially from stock Bios. Many issues have been fixed.
    Alright thanks

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    Hey Peter

    Any Updates on Z490 Stuff to test?

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    An 07xx Bios for Z490 E Gaming is not ready internal?

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    Is anyone having issues with their Intel I255V-V Ethernet NIC?

    @Shamino Any chance you could get your hands on a firmware roll back tool for the Intel I225-V Ethernet NIC?

    Myn seems isnt working well at all. Ive done everything it seems. I feel like its been all buggy since I updated the firmware. I cant be positive tho as It was one of the first things i did when i got the board. I did the update as per instructions including the full power off and remove power. It seemed like it went well. Looked just like the PDF that come with the update tool.

    List of things i tried.

    1.Uninstalled Intel NIC and reinstall drivers multiple times. Both Version and Version

    2.Tested using different Cables confirmed seated properly and lights active

    3.Hard reset and updated router RT-AC86U to most recent firmware. Same Result

    4.Removed aftermarket router and unbridged my ISP modem and tried running directly to it. Same result..

    5.Installed fresh spare SSD with a fresh install of windows 10 pro with drivers ONLY and same result.

    6. Tried manual setting of duplex link speed to 1gb. Also tried multiple different NIC advanced settings. No Difference made.

    Things to note.

    1. All other devices in my house test perfectly Fine. A 10 year old POS HP laptop as well as a ipad on wifi can do the full speeds. LOL.

    2. Switching to the the Aquantia 10g NIC on the XII extreme corrects speed problems. 650 ish every time. I can swap back n forth between NICs and replicate this issue over and over. But the The Aquantia 10g tests perfectly fine 650 ish Reliably Over and over while the intel throttles at 200ish.

    3. When testing the Intel NIC. speeds seems to start out ok but speeds quickly drop to 200ish and never goes back up and any test after that the intel NIC chugs along at 200ish. Its almost like the intel nic is throttling.

    4. I can replicate these results over and over for each NIC. Swapping the cable back and forth between NICs. Testing the same servers per NIC.

    Attaching a test pic. I had one window open for each NIC. Left Aquantia 10g Right Intel I225-V. I tested each NIC alternating 3 times back n forth . Just moved the Ethernet cable then waited 10 seconds for sync then ran test then switched back and repeated test ect ect. 3 times each side alternating between. And same test server used for all alternating tests.

    Test results for each side stayed the same every alternating test.

    Anyone else getting issues? Or have some advice as to maybe something to try that i already havent tried in the list above

    I have to be honest this is pretty frustrating. Aside from this issue the board seems to be absolutely fine. So with that said. I really dont want to pull this board out and tear down my custom loop if im better off running the Aquantia 10G no matter what as it seems to be working fine.. Is there any reason why one should use the Intel NIC over the Aquantia 10G one anyways? Im actually curious as to why they have both options anyways. Is there any pro or cons to using either of them?? I dont ever need to run 2 NICs personally. So can anyone give me a reason why i shouldn't just disable the intel NIC and just use the Aquantia 10g and forget about it?
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    0606 bios m12a has some q-fan control issues cpu/ opt chassis fan 2 all 100% standard or manual on chassis fan 2 :/

    0607 also q-fan control is totally broken 100% no adjustments stick
    Water temps 28c

    Looks like all bios all fans 100% on apex this is sad @Shamino

    My bad the full speed fan switch was activated
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    When are new Bioses are ready for the ROG Strix Series aka 07xxxx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by criskoe View Post
    Is anyone having issues with their Intel I255V-V Ethernet NIC?

    @Shamino Any chance you could get your hands on a firmware roll back tool for the Intel I225-V Ethernet NIC?
    too much for me to type so doc:

    u must follow the order, wrong order causes prob

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