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    What's the deal with 32 vs. 64 GB max. for TUF A15 laptops?

    The official specs say 32 GB max., yet there are at least two examples of retailers who are selling it with 64 GB: First one, second one

    If it's apparently technically possible, why doesn't Asus support it?

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    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the links!

    It's a good question and one thing to keep in mind is that ASUS currently treats upgrades differently for systems sold complete like notebooks vs. motherboards sold separately where customers need to install their own components.

    It's possible many notebook customers will never upgrade their system although many gaming notebook customers may want to as well.

    Anyway, for the complete notebook systems, ASUS normally approves what it sells in configurations worldwide, so information about upgrades will be more limited for these systems since they may not have been checked at all or not very thoroughly.

    The bottom line is that ASUS cannot guarantee that 64Gb of memory will work in TUF A15 laptops because they don't have any approved 32gb memory modules to recommend which could be the result of just not going through the testing and approval process rather than something that has been tested and not found work.

    So, if you or others have the interest to try it, you may want to look into it more if there don't appear to be any hardware limitations (in the CPU memory controller, etc.) to prevent this from working and as you found there appear to have been some third party resellers who believe they have found memory that will work.
    Just be aware that if you purchase the units from those resellers in those configurations and encounter any issues, you need to work with those resellers to resolve it since the units were not shipped from ASUS in that configuration (basically the reseller upgraded the system with memory they found).

    Also, hope I'm not being too biased, but you can also check with your favorite memory manufacturer to see if they have approved any memory on their end for the TUF A15 laptops and below is a link from Crucial with 32gb memory modules they have approved for the TUF A15 laptops, but just be aware that you need to work with Crucial or the memory manufacturer if you find any problems with their memory.

    Hope this helps and feel free to discuss.
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