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    Zephyrus GU502GV Keyboard issue with ROG Live Service installed

    I'm hoping someone can help as Asus support simply said I needed to send my laptop in for a fix at my expense due to being out of warranty by a few months.

    When I have the Armoury / ROG services installed, my keyboard randomly becomes unresponsive until I do a full power cycle.

    I previosuly narrowed this down to software as it never occurred disabling ROG LIVE SERVICE however with new armoury crate versions I continue to get the problem. I'm now trying to disable the armoury crate service as well to see if that works.

    When the keyboard is non function I have an unknown USB device appear in device manager that has a hardware ID issue. The temp solution is to do a complete power cycle by removing power cable and holding power for 20 seconds.

    I've lived with this for awhile now but it's becoming so frustrating I want to get rid of the laptop and never by Asus again after having mainly ROG hardware for multiple PC builds over the years.

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