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    Question ROG G751JY repaste

    I noticed my laptop was getting quite hot recently, and checked the temperature with some stress test.
    CPU goes as high as 96 degrees celsius, while GPU hits 87/88 degrees and throttles.
    So I pretty much have to open it up and clean/repaste everything at this point, been 1.5 years since the last time anyway.
    But I've never done it myself before, so I need some guidance.
    Which termal paste would work the best for this model? I've seen a number of people complainig about kryonaut and mx-4 drying up quickly.
    Also, apparently I need to get thermal pads as well for some stuff. How thick should they be and which ones should I get? Frankly I'm not even sure where I need to use them.
    I found this picture for another laptop that uses the same gpu (gtx 980m):

    But it looks a bit different on this model:

    I really need help with this.
    Thanks in advance!

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