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    Unhappy Z390-E Gaming 4133Mhz ram instability

    A-Data SPectrix 4133 4x8gb sticks 19-23-23-45 at 1.4v not stable on z390-e gaming.
    Changing vccsa vccio doesn't help. Going Dimm voltage up to 1.5 doesn't help so i guess the motherboard is not optimised for this memory.
    I settled on 3800 16-16-16-34 at 1.4v vdimm with every subtiming at very very tight values working just fine on 1.25 IO/SA. What can i do to run 4000 or more on this combo? I have a 9900k R0.
    Loosening the timings even more than the default xmp profile doesn't do anything so i guess i hit a wall on the motherboard which is weird. this mb can do up to 4266 so there must be some tweaks that i can do to make it work. I only mess with primaries, secondaries, tertiary and some voltages as vccio/vccsa/vdimm. Help please.

    UPDATE: It was these settings:
    ODT RTT PARK (CHA) [Auto]
    ODT RTT PARK (CHB) [Auto
    Change them to 40 48 and you're good. There is hope afterall. Your 9900ks might not have a trash IMC and your board might not have to be replaced. Read the thread for more details.
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