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    Strix x570-i stopped working and will not post

    I just did a new build on a Strix x570-i and everything went well on first startup and first day. Windows 10 installed without issue, recognized 32 GB RAM and both M.2 SSDs - the system worked great (all drivers installed, I did not update BIOS). The next day I was downloading GTA5 when the system froze. I rebooted and now it will not post and I cannot get into BIOS. On power up, the RGB LEDs light up, and I hear the power on "click", but there is no video, no HD LED activity, no fan startup - only the RGB LEDs. There are no LEDs lit on the POST error lights. I have removed each component from the MB one at a time to try to identify the issues, but it will not post even with just a video card and no memory.

    I would appreciate any feedback for anything I may have missed as far as troubleshooting. I would be very disappointed if I have to replace the MB, mostly because they are never in stock.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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