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    Armoury Crate - No Popups

    Hello, something seems to have bugged my ASUS Armoury Crate for some reason.
    When I change fan modes via keyboard shorcut, there is usually a popup in the middle to say what I switched to.
    Today, I was switching my fan modes and I noticed there were no pop ups. I tried opening Armoury Crate and it said Microsoft Store is unable to find it - it then opened the Armoury Crate page and started downloading it - however - Armoury Crate opened during the download so I stopped the DL. The popups are still gone but I seem to be able to switch fan modes now.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Update just after writing this down: It sometimes crashes when I open it, sometimes not.
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    Um.. fixed. Dunno what the hell happened but when I tried it today, it somehow works again.

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    I've had the old super basic tech advice "Shut it down, unplug it, plug it back in and turn it on again" routine "fix" alot of the random problems I've had creep up before. "Shutdown" no longer shuts a computer down like it used to and I think that saving/reloading "fast boot" data goes goofy sometimes and basically keeps reloading a glitch at every boot. I have had then "fix" themselves with just a "shutdown" before but full unplug is just one step beyond why not hit it with the big stick.

    Right now one of my menus in armory crate is semi transparent. If i power cycle my pc like mentioned above, the menu is solid even when I restart or after shutting down. Though, when the transparent menu glitch happens again(not sure what causes it, seems random), it will stay transparent after restarts and shut downs. Have to power cycle for it to return to being solid.

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