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    Asus ROG Centurion questions.

    Hi everyone,

    so i have the ROG Centurion headset for a year and a half now, and i must say that i am not really happy with the product. I see many people saying how good the audio is but for me, it really sounds almost stereo. I can barely hear the difference between the channels. My question is, how do i know if my Centurion is set up right? I have done almost everything i could find online the issues i have. Also my sonic studio 3 doesnt work anymore, and voices of characters in games sound very distant. I look foward to the replies,

    kind regards,

    (edit: i just did an audio test through ''speaker setup'' its the option where you can select individual channels. I found out that most if not all of the channels come out through both sides of the speaker and i think they are equally loud. So for example i test the left speaker, and when i remove the left speaker from my ear i can still hear it in my right ear. How do i fix this?)

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