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    G53sx - ix 199v with ASUS SERVICE - Need Help!

    Below is my experience with this product and Asus Service.

    25th Dec 2011 - Bought this unit which i eager for 2 months in Malaysia.

    26th Dec 2011 - After burning out the recovery disc and shut down and after a while when i press the start button. I can hear the hard disk running but the screen remain black.

    28th Dec 2011 - Sending for repairing.

    17 Feb 2012 - Get back my laptop.

    24th Feb 2012 - No sound from built in Speaker but work with ear phone. Try to restore, reinstall audio driver but fail .

    3rd March 2012 - Sending for repairing in Singapore Services Center.

    3rd March 2012 - Getting Back from Services Center.

    12th March 2012 - Speaker with noise sound. Some time working fine and some time not.

    Total use time < than 1 month.

    Right now i dealing with the Asus hope they can refund to me.

    I disappointed with this unit, delay my project and waste my time running to services center and money. It seem like i buying this costly unit is for them to repair.

    What i wish is Asus refund to me . Is it possible and how ? I really dissatisfied with their services.
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