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    GL703VD Not POSTing

    Hi everyone, new here so thanks for your time and patience!

    I know this is another of those "Help!" Posts so apologies.

    I bought a laptop ( GL703VD) off ebay stating that it may have a screen error after being dropped.
    Thought it would be a straightforward fix and get myself a decent laptop for cheap.. oh how I was wrong.

    So long story short,
    Laptop powers on and charges,
    Screen doesn't come on, or external screen either
    Keyboard back-light comes on but pulses slowly ( think I've read it should be more of a heartbeat at startup)
    Fans don't spin
    I've tried swapping RAM to different slots and tried another stick of RAM. No change
    Disconnect both the HDD and the M.2 and tried combinations of booting with them or not
    Took everything apart and tried reseated cables/ribbons etc
    Blew out all the dust ( those grills don't half block in the dust)
    Tried the static discharge by battery disconnected and power button etc

    I've read it could be a BIOS problem.. but i can't boot to get to the EZ flash or etc

    Anyone got any thoughts
    Any help appreciated


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