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    Question ROG Strix Z270G and M.2_2 setting to PCIe x2 vs x4

    I recently installed an additional M.2 drive into the second slot of a STRIX Z270G
    Once I powered on, I was helpfully informed that:

    An M.2 PCIE device has been detected in the M.2_2 socket.
    PCIe bandwidth on the M.2_2 socket can bet set to X2 or X4,
    default X2 configuration shares bandwidth with the SATA_56 ports.
    To improve performance,
    go to BIOS/Advanced/Onboard Device Configuration and switch from X2 to X4

    Now that's all well and good.. But no such BIOS options are available no matter how hard I look.
    Subsequently, I've not seen this warning appear again - and the device seems to be functioning correctly at X4

    It's worth noting that I'm not using any SATA devices at all, and out of an abundance of caution have disabled SATA entirely - but it irks me a little that such a warning would present - yet not be actionable at all.

    Bios is up to date.
    Version: 1301
    Release Date: 03/014/2018

    Did I miss anything?
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