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    Experience with G731GW Fan + Noise


    I´ve got a question about your experience with ASUS ROG G731GW Notebooks.

    I bought this Notebook In Fall 2019 and had a G751JT (2014) before.
    The Fan noise is massive louder as is was in the old G751JT.

    With the Armoury Crate Fan Option "Quiet" (translated from German, sorry for that if it isn´t called like this) games like "World War Z" or older ones are lagging.
    To solve the lagging i´ve changed to a mode with more power, but this will start the fan to go louder.
    While using Word, Excel and Web (not many workload) on a 31,5" AOC Display, the fan starting also often which is going to get loud.

    All Updates, Firmware, Nvidia drivers are up to date.

    The noise is no scratching or something like that, it´s only the spinning fan which is loud.

    Which experience did somebody of you made with the G731GW.

    I would be happy about any answer.
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