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    CROSSHAIR VIII Formula - Audio Distortion

    I'm experiencing significant audio distortion when gaming and listening to music which I believe is a Realtek driver issue. It's a brand new PC with a fresh windows install (specs and software versions below).

    I've reduced the distortion by changing the amplification level to performance in Realtek Audio Console and changing the analogue out (green) from 'front speaker out' to headphone; however, it still occurs in some applications. If I disable audio enhancements all together in speaker settings it removes the distortion but I can no longer use the Sonic studio Equalizer. I believe the issue is to do with Realtek detecting a high impedance cable and applying too much gain on the preamp (DAC) which is causing distortion but I don't have much manual control over this aside from what I've already mentioned.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, have you found a fix? Is it possibly a bad component on the MOBO (e.g. DAC) or just the Realtek driver not working properly.


    Croshair Formula VIII - Bios 1302,
    Ryzen 9 3950X,
    64gig GSkill Trident Z Neo at 3600
    GTX 1080
    Corsair MP600 2TB M.2 SSD

    Realtek audio driver - ver 6.0.8751.1
    Sonic Studio 3 - ver
    Realtek Audio Console UI ver

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